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Exposure to liability losses of catastrophic size is no longer limited to large corporations or to the wealthy. The willingness of the public to sue has increased the number of lawsuits and the size of judgments awarded.

What's more, most automobile, homeowners and recreational vehicle or boat liability limits are not sufficient to cover some of the court awards made today. Also, most policies exclude protection for such personal injury perils as defamation of character, invasion of privacy, trespass, libel and slander.

With Umbrella Protection You Can Feel Secure
Your Personal Umbrella Policy protects you, your family and your home against these uncertainties with three kinds of coverage:

Liability insurance that adds to the limits of your automobile, homeowners and recreational vehicle or boat liability policy limits.

Coverage for unknown or unexpected exposures excluded in many automobile, homeowners and recreational vehicle or boat liability policies. The policy will give you details about exclusions.

Coverage for the cost of your legal defense. This includes court costs, interest on judgments and premiums on necessary bonds.

Coverage under the Personal Umbrella Policy is written in increments of one million dollars and supplements your present policies to provide broad personal liability protection.

Coverage Is So Affordable
Cost of this high level of protection is comparatively low. Better still, the Personal Umbrella frees you from most catastrophic liability judgments. We can provide you with information about our Commercial Umbrella Policy to provide similar liability protection for your business.

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